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#wielewatmirsinn - 100 years of universal suffrage in Luxembourg Historical exhibition with the Chamber of Deputies

  • Exhibition
  •  :
    • 27.09.2019 - 05.09.2020

2019 marks the hundredth anniversary of the introduction of universal suffrage in Luxembourg. All adult Luxembourg women, but also over a third of the adult male population, received political rights for the first time. In order to commemorate this historic event, the Chamber of Deputies and the National Museum of History and Art organise a major exhibition dedicated to the changes that, from the 19th century onwards, let to the introduction of universal suffrage in 1919. It also highlights the revolutionary changes of the political landscape following the extension of the right to vote as well as the democratisation process of Luxembourg's society from then until today.

The introduction of universal suffrage in 1919 raises many questions that are addressed in the exhibition: Is the constitutional reform an expression of an emancipatory movement? How has universal suffrage fundamentally changed political processes? Why do some already start to question the parliamentary system in the 1920's? What of demands to broaden citizens' political participation beyond elections? To what extent is the suffrage "universal" today?