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Stephanie Zesch Cold Case Egypt – The secret of the mummified head from Luxembourg

  • Lecture
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    • 03.12.2015 - 18:00 > 19:30 - German

Language: German


The multiple testimonies to Ancient Egyptian high culturesuch as complete mummies and mummified body parts, are very interesting objects, both for the general public and for science. Mummy heads, with their often well preserved and true-to-life faces fascinate their beholdersand cause a sense of wonder.

Modern mummy research, with its variety of research methods such as Computerized Tomography, reveals again and again interesting insights into humans from the past. More often than not, there are surprises. The mummified head of a woman from the Roman Egyptian period in the care of the MNHA is an exciting example of such a surprise. 

It has since emerged that there was a criminal secret which could not have been revealed before the computerized tomography of the head performed in 2014.

Lecture in German.