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Picasso Meets Steichen: The Lëtzebuerger Jong who Introduced modernism to the new world

  • Lecture
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    • 16.06.2016 - 18:30 > 20:00 - EN

In 1966, when Steichen visited Picasso in Cannes, Pablo teased his buddy Edward: "'Do you remember when I gave you my first batch of paintings to take back to America and sell?' 'I certainly do,' Steichen answered. 'Yes,' Picasso replied, 'but you didn't sell any.' 'Pablo, you're wrong. I sold three of them. The first three ever sold in America.' He knew, Picasso said, laughing; he was just testing Steichen's memory.'" This anecdotal account of the last meeting of the two artist friends, as recorded by the Steichen biographer Penelope Niven, will be the starting point for a larger exploration of the huge impact the Luxembourg-born photographer, painter, and exhibition designer Edward Steichen had in introducing modernism to the New World. If you have always wanted to find out how a Dadaist wasp's nest figured prominently in the introduction of avant-garde art to New York and how Steichen played a central role in all of this, you might just want to attend this talk.

Lecture by Gerd Hurm (Uni Trier) in English on 16th June 2016 at 6.30 p.m.