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Jens Klocke Prolonging Eternity - The Restoration of Mummies and Burial Objects

  • Lecture
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    • 18.06.2015 - 18:00 > 19:30

Jens Klocke, a restorer from Hildesheim who specializes in mummies, grave furniture and Ancient Egyptian objects, presents his work.

Almost no one spends as much time with coffins and mummies as a restorer trying to preserve these objects. Upon looking closely, mummies and all the other objects reveal the story behind moments that happened thousands of years ago, taking us on a journey through time to cultures long extinct.

Jens Klocke answers questions such as:

How dangerous is the pharaohs' curse for the restorer?

Is his work disturbing eternal peace or is he performing a good dead for the souls of the dead?

Lecture in German.