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B. C. Koekkoek’s Luxembourgish landscapes, painted for the King

Similar to all other Koekkoek's paintings, the Luxembourgish landscapes painted for The King-Grand-Duke stand out for their subtle depiction of light, the speciality of the painter that brought him success and international fame. Formally inspired by the 17th century Dutch landscape painting of the Golden Age, it distinguishes itself through a more refined and sensitive approach to the subject matter.

These panoramic landscapes are characterized, on the one hand, by raising the observer's viewpoint and, on the other hand, by the remarkable generosity in the spatial distribution of the different elements. These landscapes are clear and gracious.

In spite of their artistic construction, the Luxembourgish landscapes painted for William II maintain a high level of topographic precision, setting them apart of Koekkoek's other, often more idealized landscapes.